Why changing people’s behaviour is so difficult?

And what can you do to not only implement but also sustain the change?

Building a habit takes around six weeks consistent and regular repetition of the same behaviour whether is exercising, learning a new skill or getting up early. But what do you do if the situation has been repeated for months or even for years? What do you do if there is no will to change? No motivation? What if the person has no reason to change as happens to be part of your organisation, one of many of your people who are doing what they always did, even if it doesn’t work so well.

FLEXI-CHANGE is one of four Holistica’s solutions for the workforce and workspace transformation focused on helping organisations to enshrine flexible working, increase employees collaboration and boost productivity.

This is based on our latest experience with our clients as well as multiple discussions with the C-Level executives and workspace experts during our Round Table Meetings.

Our other three solutions are:

  1. BACK-TO-OFFICE 5 steps of 12 weeks programme to help companies organise themselves in post-pandemic reality as well to go through the second wave of recommendations of working from home.
  2. FLEXI-SAVE  to increase remote working and reduce costs.
  3. SMART WORKSPACE to create a “WOW factor” for organisations moving ta a new workspace.

How do you know that flexible working has not been enshrined in the organisation are?


Remote meetings fail to achieve the same collaboration between people they would normally have during face to face interaction. Remote brainstorming sessions fail innovations. Employees complain of feeling disfranchised and managers struggle with toolsets and skills to manage remotely productivity, quality of output and responsiveness as well new joiners struggle to engage with the team remotely and grasp company values. 

These are all new challenges but let’s don’t forget that pre-pandemic world had its pain points as well. During workshops with our clients, we identified the most common challenges of the office reality which top three were: unusable audiovisual equipment, lack of visibility and availability of the meeting rooms and lack of support and access to the essential information.

How do we leverage new, good habits and ensure that we are not going to old behaviours?

The change must be holistic and start with the understanding that workspace it’s not one place, it’s a space where people whether it’s at home, in the office or ‘on the go’. Holistica’s FLEXI-CHANGE programme helps organisations to make the most of the current disruption

FLEXI-CHANGE – four key elements of the solution

1. flexible working rules

Develop and deploy a flexible-working policy to set expectations and define boundaries for all the workforce.

2. Upskill managers

Deploy remote work management skills and design a new collaborative agenda .

3. Upskill workforce

Promote new practices and deploy the new collaborative agenda through communication, education and training.

4. Measure and Review

Design and deploy ad hoc diagnostics to measure adoption levels and adjust policies and practices accordingly.

The pandemic drove people to work remotely. Now is the time to leverage this disruption and ensure not going to bad habits. This requires a cohesive effort to avoid a decrease in workforce confidence.

Let’s talk about how we can help your organisation. Contact us directly or join one of our Round Table Sessions.

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