Where nature meets technology.

The unique combination of water curtains and water control system enables to display of various shapes and patterns. It’s a break from screen display and a must-have of biophilic interiors with a technological twist.

Water WaLL

An interactive water wall displaying falling images by using water drops.


An immersive water display in a circular shape showing various images.


‘Prints’ with wateter drops any black&white images, either in 2D or 3D.


A space where the water stream switches off above a person’s head as they are walking.

Why you need a water display?

Water displays the main role is to create a WOW factor. A perfect combination of impressive natural elements and a marketing tool.  Water features unleash benefits of biophilic interior design such as reducing stress, elevating mood and creating ambience within spaces as well as introducing novelty of non-screen based display with a technology edge.  

welcome spaces woW FaCTOR

The reception area is one of the most important spaces to impress visitors. Water displays complement well standard displays such as video walls and screens with digital content. They are great focal points large spaces.

display you can touch

People naturally gravitate to water features and want to touch the droplets and feel them. It’s a great way to gather people in one place and display a water show with brand elements.

making events exciting

Water displays can be used as elements of various shows and events where the audience  can plays with water swings and water curtains.

How does it work?

Where nature meets technology.

1. Smart drops

A fully automated system releases water drops in carefully timed sequences.

2. instant design

An integrated design tablet enables ad-hock design and pre-uploaded images.

3. eco loop

Environmentally friendly, closed system, where water is pumped up from the base and falls back to the bottom.

media console

Capability to connect to a media console for synchronisation with music and lights.

Water displays examples

Get inspired with creative uses of water displays from a background feature up to a star o the show.

price guidelines

The prices are subject to the type of water display, size and additional features such as lights, water treatment and other components. The purpose of the pricing below is only to support the decision to request a personalised quote.

Circular Water
wall or Printer


linear Water
Wall or printer




*the prices are exclusive of taxes, delivery and installation costs.


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