If you want to go fast, you go alone. If you want to go far, you go together.

Types of Partner

There are several different classifications of partner that we work closely with to create the best outcomes for our clients.  Our partner ecosystem comprises the “best of the best” and includes over 150+ world-class firms who deliver amazing products, services and support offerings to make workplaces innovative, intuitive and intelligent places to experience.


At the earliest possible opportunity, we engage directly with Architects to articulate the occupational strategy in a way that lets them design spaces that underpin the needs of that strategy.  Great design needs to work in practice and we bring that practical experience to bear in a way that works in harmony with amazing architectural design concepts.

Getting it right from the outset means that when, for example, we advise and co-ordinate the IT requirements early in the design process, we plan for the creation of clean and aesthetically pleasing spaces with IT at their heart.  This combination of form and function makes for amazing places to work.



The aesthetics of the office are vital in creating a perfect combination of ease of use and employee experience.  Given how long people spend in these environments, it is important that they make people want to be there and to be able to use all of the assets at their disposal.

We work closely with designers to make sure that the client’s culture is supported by the way the office looks and feels when you first walk into it.  We also work closely with designers and other partners – especially the technology ones – to blend the creative and the functional elements.

technology suppliers

As the pandemic has proven, technology can be used to help people work just as effectively remotely as they do from an intelligent workspace.  Our partner ecosystem includes a wide variety of technology offerings:

  • Audio-visual
  • IoT (Internet of Things)
  • Access Control
  • End-user IT
  • Communications
  • Climate control
  • Hospitality services
  • Automation and robotics

With more than 150 partners in this sphere alone, knowing how to select and combine the best solutions is where we excel.  Delivering technology in an intuitive way takes careful planning and experience.  Our primary goal is always to articulate the expected client experience so that the best possible result can be sought and our valued technology partners fully understand the expectations required of them.


Having selected the products and services required for the workspace, working with partners who can install and support them is critical. We have carefully selected installation and support partners (sometimes referred to as System Integrators) to make this aspect of the project efficient and effective.

In addition to the physical aspect of deployment and support, there is also the continuous improvement aspect and training/support in digital form too. Our HolisticAPP enables raising of support tickets, online tutorials and user guides, driver downloads, and so much more. This highly configurable solution makes it easy for people to quickly adapt to dropping into a new location, finding the information they need to enable them to get down to work with the minimum of disruption.

cost consultants

Keeping tight control of costs is imperative.  We are proud to say that we have a 100% track record of delivering projects on time and on budget.  We totally understand the need to demonstrate that solutions are not over-engineered and to give due consideration to areas where value engineering can be employed.

We are well used and well versed in working closely with Cost Consultants to wring every drop of value out of a project and to be as cost-effective as possible.  The cheapest solutions are not always the best answer and so we balance cost with value to select the most appropriate and cost-effective partners, products and services for the client’s requirements.


Just as we engage with different partners for different products and services, we also design workspaces with the many different personas that work in an office in mind.  Different people work in different ways and it’s important that there are solutions in place to suit them all.  Check out the Insights Tool to see how we gather user-level data to build an office around their needs. 


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