Intelligent workspace

Creating intelligent workspaces, harnessing the power of innovative products, processes and services.

our engagement capabilities

We help organisations benefit from digitisation to transform their traditional workplaces to intelligent workspaces. Invariably this enables the deployment of new or augmented remote or hybrid working practices.

Organisations embrace intelligent workspace to differentiate themselves from others; to attract and retain the best talent whilst making large OPEX savings and increasing services levels, flexibility, and convenience to the people. Intelligent workspaces ultimately bridge the gaps between the home and office for hybrid working, they focus on enhancing collaboration, innovation and productivity.


We support organisations to deliver their intelligent workspace ambitions as well as derive the concrete benefits as a Master Systems Integrator in the following types of projects:

Brand new intelligent workspaces as part of a refit or fitout, working alongside architects designing new physical collaboration spaces and incorporating experiences through collaborative technologies and toolsets.

Enabling New Ways of Working in an existing workspace as part of a remote or hybrid change programme, the deployment of productivity and collaboration toolsets.

“Hotelification” as part of a recent trend to modernise and simplify the office amenities and spaces which resemble the quality and convenience from hospitality and retail sectors.

Frictionless Workspaces as part of a drive to make workspaces safer, technologies are adapted throughout to minimise human contact.

our engagement capabilities

We bring proven and practical insights as Experience Designers to ensure that we leverage “best practices” to put people first.  We design workspaces based on personas and how different types of workers experience those spaces and the products/services in them.

Our Technical and Functional Teams work closely under the direction of the Experience Designer to develop intelligent collaboration and workspace toolset solutions.

Through our Project Management function, we ensure that we cover the entirety of the project lifecycle from forming project governance between IT, real estate, facilities, HR, communications, and CSR to developing the business cases, defining requirements, detailing designs, and managing the installation, all the way to the delivery of business benefits such as OpEx reduction.

5 steps process

Our methodology is robust to take an intelligent workspace from concept to delivery of benefits.

1. initiation

Set-up project governance with sponsorship and functional competences, engage on business case, high-level designs, benefits.

2. design

The complete design phase; spatial, technical, functional, UX, physical designs.

3. implementation

Deployments Proof of Concepts (PoCs) for the early adopters.

4. deployment

Installation and commissioning of technical services. Finalisation of adoption strategies. Training and communications plans.

5. transition

Handover to BAU and structured delivery of benefits.

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