To benefit our clients’ workspace needs, Holistica is unique, it combines smart technologies, change management, real estate transformation underpinned with real-time data analytics to deliver workspace value, holistically.

the challanges

The successful implementation of a true Hybrid Workspace will be a challenge for organisations. It requires a holistic approach to transform the office spaces, deploy smart office technologies and integrations whilst changing people’s behaviours. This requires insight from people who managed workspace transformations, we know how to bridge the gap.


Remote working is here to stay, so is the office. To meet people’s post-pandemic needs for social interaction, face to face collaboration, cultural connection and innovation. Bridge the gap to deliver collaboration, focus and balance with the provision of quality amenities.


Convenience and wellbeing become key. The office space will start to function like a retail or hospitality experience through “hotelification”. Smart workspace technologies integrate together to enrich collaboration and team experience seamlessly at home or in the office.

new world - new rules challenges

The new world requires new rules, so employees know what is expected of them. Overarching HR policies, social contracts and behavioural rules must be defined and implemented for a successful transition.


‘Shared space’ over ‘my space’ to accommodate a hybrid workforce. Desk and meeting room booking will continue to be essential for real-estate optimisation and efficient use of the space.

benefits of working with HOLISTICa

Our objective is to create effective, efficient and sustainable smart workspaces for our clients. We create smart spaces people connect with, whilst the market focus is on buildings that people occupy. Here are six benefits of Holistica tackling for you the challenges with hybrid workspace implementation.

Holistic Expertise

Holistic expertise in technology, real estate, behavioural change and data analytics provides holistic solutions.

human-centric design

We start with people and develop human-centric experiences by remove pain points and improve processes through cutting edge technologies.

Experienced team

Experienced team in workspace transformations allowing all our clients to benefit from the holistic methodology instead of reinventing the wheel on their own.

Tailored experience

We tailor solutions to client’s requirements considering the behavioural change, technology and workspaces for a customised experience.

data-diriven advice

We recognise the importance of data analytics and provide data-driven recommendations.

master integration

We break down the traditional silos and take a holistic view of the solutions and services to ensure successful systems integration.


An independent workspace transformation consultancy specialising in digital workspace, collaborative office spaces, behavioural change and data-driven improvements for hybrid workspace.


holistic approach

In the dynamically changing world, the workspace needs to offer employees wellbeing, efficient use of the space, effective collaboration and continuity of the services. Holistica’s approach is comprehensive