An independent workplace transformation consultancy specialising in corporate real estate, smart buildings and change management.

our ready to deploy solutions

COVID-19 has created a paradigm shift in the way that corporate real estate and workspaces in capital cities, financial hubs and prime locations are used by companies and their people. Our services are based upon advisory in physical workspace, technology, human change, measurment and management systems.

back to office

For companies wanting to safely expedite their workforce back to the office.


For companies wanting to enshrine flexible working, increase employees collaboration and productivity.


For companies wanting to increase remote working and reduce costs.

smart workspace

For companies wanting create a “WOW factor” for their people going into a new workspace.

The HOLISTIC approach to workspace

Our objective is to create effective, efficient and sustainable smart workspaces for our clients. We create smart workspaces people connect with, whilst the market focus is on buildings that people occupy.

Our solutions are structured into four pillars.

real estate

  • The physical workspaces and designing a new occupancy model using co-working.
  • Introduce: shared workspace, remote working, hub/spoke, people wellness.
  • Reduce excess capacity, savings to finance the project.


  • IT Services, flexible working, agile working, toolsets that enable “tech-anywhere-anytime” services.
  • Introduce: cloud, HDI/VDI, Collaboration, AV systems, performance, monitoring, etc.
  • Increased employees’ productivity through smart IT deployment.

human change

  • People: change of behaviours, support managers and people adopt to new remote working practices. 
  • Educate: increase awareness, understanding, buy-in, adoption and internalisation. 
  • Sustain the change with average employees, managers and sponsors.

data analytics

  • Metrics: Use data to drive decision-making and operation of the workspaces and wellness.
  • Introduce: planning, booking and occupancy management for all shared resources & services.
  • Measure and manage usage from throughout the transformation.

a revolution, an evolution or inevitable?

In the dynamically changing world, the workspace needs to offer employees wellbeing, efficient use of the space, effective collaboration and continuity of the services. Holistica’s approach is comprehensive.