To deliver your workspace needs, we uniquely combine smart technologies, change management, and real estate transformation, all underpinned with real-time data analytics to transform how and where you work and to deliver workspace value, holistically.

the challenges

The successful implementation of a true Hybrid Workspace is a challenge for organisations. It requires a holistic approach to transform the office spaces, deploy smart office technologies and integrations whilst changing people’s behaviours. This requires informed insight from a company that has proven, practical experience in delivering workspace transformations.

Fixed or Flexible?

There’s no right or wrong. Some people prefer to work in an office, surrounded by colleagues and feeding off the buzz of a hustling, bustling and creative environment. Others have found that they are more productive in the peace and privacy of a remote location, only communicating when they need to by phone, videoconference or some instant messaging application. And there are those who prefer a mix of these, either on their terms or dictated by the needs of the business.

Is Technology friend or foe?

The pandemic and convenience have combined to drive change in how we work. Contactless and digital have changed how and when we engage with people. Used well, technology can be a productivity enhancement but not everyone is totally tech savvy so firms need to make allowances for the variances in how people embrace technology. We help you to find the balance and to ensure that no-one is excluded on the basis of technical prowess.

new world - new rules

As our workspacesand working practices change, so too do contracts and employee handbooks. Procedural impacts are often overlooked as companies rush to deal with the “crisis” element of changing how and where we work but HR and Legal matters need attention too. We’ve helped companies to define (and refine) these aspects – let us help you avoid the pitfalls.

Workspace Wellbeing

Working from a “shared space” rather than “my space” might seem trivial and something to be embraced by all employees but routine is vital to some people’s mental health and so wellness in the workplace has been highlighted as an issue for some people during the pandemic.  Creating a working environment that is right for everyone is challenging but vital so that valued members of the team are not ignored in favour of the masses who agree with new changes.

benefits of working with HOLISTICa

We excel in creating highly effective, efficient and sustainable smart workspaces for our clients. We create smart spaces that people connect with, helping to promote creativity, enhance usability, deliver convenience and embrace innovation. Here’s how Holistica tackles the challenges of hybrid workspace transformation.

Holistic Expertise

Holistic expertise in technology, real estate, behavioural change and data analytics provides holistic solutions.

human-centric design

We start with people and develop human-centric experiences by remove pain points and improve processes through cutting edge technologies.

Experienced team

Experienced team in workspace transformations allowing all our clients to benefit from the holistic methodology instead of reinventing the wheel on their own.

Tailored experience

We tailor solutions to client’s requirements considering the behavioural change, technology and workspaces for a customised experience.

data-diriven advice

We recognise the importance of data analytics and provide data-driven recommendations.

master integration

We break down the traditional silos and take a holistic view of the solutions and services to ensure successful systems integration.


We are an agnostic and independent workspace transformation consultancy specialising in the creation of digital workspaces, collaborative office environments, workforce behavioural changes and data-driven analysis to support hybrid workspace enhancements.


holistic approach

In the dynamically changing world, the workspace needs to offer employees wellbeing, efficient use of the space, effective collaboration and continuity of the services. Holistica’s approach is comprehensive