What is your company’s real estate cost-saving potential?

There will be no return to the normal pre-pandemic world. Leaders need to think both, in short, and long term respective. First to address the immediate crisis, keep employees safe and plan their return to work and secondly to prepare for the transformed future. Thinking ahead companies need to consider how to change behaviours and unleash cost-saving opportunities.

FLEXI-SAVE is one of four Holistica’s solutions for companies wanting to increase remote working and reduce costs.

This is based on our latest experience with our clients as well as multiple discussions with the C-Level executives and workspace experts during our Round Table Meetings.

Our other three solutions are:

  • BACK-TO-OFFICE– 5 steps of 12 weeks programme to help companies organise themselves in the post-pandemic world and navigate through the second wave of recommendations to work from home.
  • FLEXI-CHANGE workspace transformation focused on helping organisations to enshrine flexible working, increase employees collaboration and boost productivity.
  • SMART WORKSPACE to create a “WOW factor” for organisations moving to a new workspace.

Progressive companies realise flexible working has become the new reality. Where are cost-saving opportunities?

  • Transformation of real estate usage – reduce real estate footprints by revised occupancy planning and through contractual exits.

  • Transformation in the talent turnover – offer greater flexibility and human-centric workspace to attract and retain talent

  • Transformation of the technology – implement flexible working supported by the technology enhancing collaboration, connectivity and productivity.

To unlock real estate capital, implement a flexible working and increase productivity we focus we follow our FLEXI-SAVE solution.

The change must be holistic and start with the understanding that workspace it’s not one place, it’s a space where people whether it’s at home, in the office or ‘on the go’. Holistica’s FLEXI-CHANGE programme helps organisations to make the most of the current disruption

FLEXI-SAVE – four key elements of the solution


Deploy a new workspace occupancy strategy for staff, frame excess capacities and plan the return or sub-let to unlock long-term capital.


Deploy flexi-work collaboration toolsets to flexibly working workforce enabling anywhere, anytime working.


Enshrine flexible working, policies to define flexibility as well as how to collaborate and manage work virtually.


Leverage actual occupancy data for decision-making, use financial and operational metrics to manage the transformation.

Failure to do this will result in companies managing excess real estate, locking-up unnecessary capital and not offering to people comparable flexibility their organisations.

The pandemic drove people to work remotely. Now is the time to leverage this disruption and ensure not going to bad habits. This requires a cohesive effort to avoid a decrease in workforce confidence.

Let’s talk about how we can help your organisation. Contact us directly or join one of our Round Table Sessions.

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