A revolution, an evolution or inevitable? – The future of the workspace.

Prior to the industrial revolution, the office didn’t exist, the first UK recorded offices were in 1726. Driven by complex bureaucracy and the need to handle vast amounts of paper. For 200 years there was not much change. Then the last 50 years driven by the digital revolution due to the computers and birth of the internet revolutionised the way we work today. The recent pandemic turned the office we know upside down. Do we even still need it?

This and many more questions we are asking during our Round Table Meetings with our clients, the C-Level executives and workspace experts. What we are observing is that after initial excitation of lack of commuting to work every day and spending all-day sitting at the desk in the office people started to miss the office. Some of them returned in the summer to learn that the office they remember doesn’t exist anymore. Here are the top 3 challenges the leaders are focusing on:


  1. How to bring people back to the office?
  2. What to do with the overhead of the real estate?
  3. How to create a smart workspace supporting hybrid working?


Holistica addresses these challenges through four services:

Where BACK TO OFFICE is a short term solution and answer for the current situation, FLEXI-CHANGE and FLEXI-CHANGE can be stand-alone services or part a digital transformation of the SMART WORKSPACE where all aspects of self-funding hybrid working are taken under consideration and where the savings from the real estate are funding the new technology.

SMART WORKSPACE – it’s not a place it’s a space!

Space where people communicate collaborate and collaborate. We are not going to the office to spend all day sitting at the desk but to meet people and it’s a perfect opportunity for the organisations to reduce the amount of the office space and invest in the solutions enhancing collaboration regardless of the physical location of their workforce.

However, the products on the market are immature as their lack of the holistic approach to the technology. Smart building and engineering offers, provide corporations with pieces of equipment whilst new demands are for wellbeing, enhanced communications, motivational design, wayfinding to people and places, space visualisation and intelligent notifications. Failure to appoint smart workspace consultants will result in a fragmented experience.
Holistica’s structured approach from client preparation, through designing the experience to acceptance, guarantees the coherent solution.

Smart Workspace is a multidimensional solution considering people, spaces, technology and change, all underpinned by the data, incremental build and constant validation. To build an adaptive solution, we apply Holistica’s tools and unique know-how on four stages of the transformation.

1. VISION & DISCOVERY – We’re defining people’s desired experiences throughout the workspaces using Holistica’s smart matrix. We educate on smart workspace through case studies and user journeys. We define space by space the relevant type of experience and develop promotional materials to show how the beneficiaries use the spaces.
2. DESIGNS & CONCEPTS PROVING – We develop use cases, functional and technical designs that deliver the experience. To validate assumptions and learn more how people interact with the solutions we build a proof of concepts including as well finalising all design and architectures.
3. TENDER & APPOINT – We evaluate technical and commercial responses to deliver the solution and appoint the right suppliers capable to deliver quality components required to compose the designed experience.
4. INSTALL & COMMISSION – We are overseeing the commissioning of the solutions and integration and execute rollout and testing to obtain acceptance.

Across all stages we engage with the key stakeholders, work with key beneficiaries of the smart workspace, collect and analyse data and drive adoption of the technology through communication, education and training. All this to deliver a smart workspace a human-centric solution with multiple WOW factors built into the experience

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