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Real estate is about far more than just the building; it’s also about the services within it. Landlords’ competitive advantage is not coming form the physical spaces they offer but from an entire dynamic real estate experience where people’s needs are in the heart of the solution architecture enabled by cutting-edge technologies.

futuristic approach

technology architecture

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futuristic approach

Foreseeing the future requires putting emerging trends into context.  We analyse not only technology development but other, equally important dynamics, such as economical, environmental, social and legal in the perspective of the next twenty years. This provides a clear view of what is a temporary fad and what technologies are becoming a must-have in a dynamic real estate.


We provide strategy advice on all aspects of technology in buildings and the public realm from small single plots to large campus schemes, for new developments and refurbishments.

Experience &Engagement

The rise of Client/Occupier engagement technology platforms has created better communication and community.

&Air Quality

Occupiers biggest cost are their employees so providing an optimum indoor working environment is critical

BUilding data utilisation

It has never been more important to provide transparency for occupiers and allow landlords to understand  people’s behavior.


Building Connectivity

Business relies on connectivity. With the growth of 5G quality reliable internet connectivity and the world of IoT suddenly becomes endless.

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Energy Optimisation

With Occupier’s expectation high, the strategy for each asset is unique relative to what can be achieved.

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Whilst critical it is often overlooked and is imperative to manage risk and provide a safe working environment.

worspace insights

Holistica’s Workspace Insights tool digs deeper into the elements that matter most to deliver a comprehensive view of the key elements that will make up your hybrid working environment, including:


What has become clear during the pandemic is that workers want to work in a variety of ways and places – retaining and attracting talent requires a change.

Space Efficiency

Hybrid working means that offices need to adapt to the changing working practices of the people that use them – hybrid is here to stay – is your environment ready?


The myriad of solutions here is daunting for many companies – how do they create a working environment that adapts to the pandemic and the touchpoints in an office and how can products, people and process change to make well-being a priority?

Additionally, how can we analyse all of the real-time data that each of these aspects produce to continuously learn, adapt and improve?  Our Workspace Insights tool captures the sentiment of the staff who work for you – let’s come together to use that valuable information to create the workspace they want, for their current and their future workspace needs.


Provide us with a couple pieces of information about your organisation and we’ll come back to you with a price and date to launch the tool in your company.

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