5 Key Bussines Trends For 2021

2020 was full of unexpected turns of action, now we know we need to brace for impact in 2021. Here are 5 top business trends that will drive the business world in 2021

1. Work from home is here to stay!
Pandemic forced people to work from home which proved that employees don’t need to be in the office every day. Now companies need to rethink their business models and understand whether they still need an office space and how much. Holistica helps organisations to define it thorough one of its solutions: Flexi-Save
In many cases, productivity went up but home working it’s not for everybody and not for 100% of the time hence new ways of bringing people together will be required, how companies are addressing support of home working, the home kits for the employees (screens, chairs and collaboration tools) will be one of the factors of talent turnover.

2. The data is an asset.
The volumes of the data will still allow a better understanding of the internal processes and improve decision making. However, as the world changed dramatically the ones who will be able to quickly harvest and analyse data on the fly will be the real winners and the historical repositories will be outdated.
Cloud computing allowing to access it from anywhere and AI will enable automation. of some of the data analysis. Treating the data as an asset and ensuring that it’s protected will be a key, so it can’t be stolen. It will be crucial for organisations to work with people who can make sense of the data and return valuable insights.

3. Business Model Innovation
The Fourth Industrial Revolution is underway. The biggest players in the tech industry are working on bringing AI to people’s everyday lives. The amount of data received through smart devices from the connected world requires to be properly exploited and the new tools based on Machine Learning are extremely wanted. It’s a perfect time to bring cutting-edge technology to the market and to reinvent existing business models. In the past, the most known organisation that changed the way we can book travel or accommodation are Uber and Airbnb. In the future, we’ll be observing transformation in hospitality, retail and real estate. Where companies will need to shift and provide services of take-aways, home delivery & quick return options as well as downsizing or giving up the office spaces.

4. Bussines with a purpose
During the pandemic, many people had the headspace to rethink what they’re doing and especially the new generations want to connect with a purpose. Many want to work for a company that has real meaning and that links to their own values. As employees will be growing apart from the organisations whilst working from home the common beliefs will be curial to retain and acquire talent.

5. Sustainability.
It’s an emerging trend since a couple of years but during the pandemic, nature reminded us what happens when humans disrespect the planet. Many became more aware of the climate crisis and its potential consequences that might be more severe than isolating for months at home. Many companies will be looking into reducing their footprints on the environment by reducing the amount of waste they produce, less travels and downsizing their real estate.

As people brought their work to their homes they want it to fit into their lifestyles and belief systems. They want to work for companies that have a purpose and meaning. However, they will be going back as some point but not do work at the desk, they will be going back to collaborate with their colleagues in collaborative spaces where they can exchange ideas and nurture team spirit. Holistica helps organisations to create smart workspaces boosting creativity, read more about it on our blog.

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