Today is the first day of the rest of your life!

“I’m starting to exercise…”, “I’ll manage my finances better…”, “New Year, New Me!” – most of the New Year’s resolutions in usually fade before the end of January. 2020 was extremely challenging for many people who struggle mentally, physically and financially. Months of social distancing, working from home and job losses are beginning to take their toll. 

So what can we do to achieve our goals in 2021 and find ourselves in totally transformed space? How employees, managers and c-level executives can work together to re-invent their business?

1. Starting with the most important space: a headspace.

2020 was tough, be good to each other and empathic as you don’t really know what the other person is going through. Mental health will be an important subject in 2021. Many organisations will reduce their office spaces significantly and the work relationships between people will be the glue that holds the teams together. The leaders and managers will need to get closer to their employees to achieve common goals and succeed hence. We’ve seen this starting during the pandemic but moving forward the companies will need to implement new policies, etiquettes and rules across departments. Holistica helps organisations with the change management piece, here’s more information about Flexi-Change Solution.

2. Transforming ordinary places into smart workspaces.

Homeworking is here to stay but in the next couple of months, people will be going back to the office to meet their colleagues ad to reconnect. Therefore the organisations will need to build smart workspaces supporting collaborations between people as well ensuring their wellbeing regardless if they are in the office or at home. Creating a smart workspace requires many considerations of how the people in this particular organisation work, what  goals need to be achieved and what in the current situation in terms of the office layout, existing technologies and culture. To measure any progress a baseline is a starting point of any transformations. Capturing and analysing the right data is one of the key technology trends of 2021.

3. Discovering new spaces.

As the boundaries between work and private lives blurred people are more considerate about aligning their personal goals and beliefs with what they do at work. It’s an opportunity for the organisations and their employees to reimagine the way they work and align it with a purpose and social responsibility as well to reflect on their adaptiveness. Here’s a video on this subject:

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”  No matter professional or personal goals, the only way to achieve them is to create a supporting ecosystem: the right mindset of the individuals within the organisation, innovative spaces underpinned by the collaborative technology and the culture of growth and adaptiveness. No matter what 2021 will bring it’s up to us how we are going to leverage it.

For more tips on a way of empowering people to work better, by giving them the right tools, check out our blog note about result-driven management.

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