New World – New Needs – New Spaces

Whether it’s a park, a building or an entire city, a good design doesn’t happen by chance. The technology experience should be included in the design from the beginning, for a seamless human-centric experience. Homeworking is here to stay… so it’s an office but not the one we left behind before the pandemic. As we learn from multiple surveys and interviews, knowledge workers are not planning to come back to the office full-time and on the days when they’ll be in, is to meet their colleagues, clients and to collaborate. Hence the organisations need to bridge the gap between home and office.

Holistica helps organisations with their digital and physical workspaces transformation in collaboration with our partners such as architects, interior designers and technology suppliers sustained with change management and underpinned by real-time data analytics. In this article, let’s focus on the physical spaces.

New World - New Needs

Currently, the majority of the knowledge workers are at home after adapting to the crisis-driven ways of working. However, as the workforce will start to return to the office a number of preferences need to be considered. Holistica methodology is based on people’s needs, personalities and roles. Here’s an example of four personas based on two (in-office mobility and social interaction needs) of eight we take under consideration when planning for the new spaces and assisting technologies for and an intelligent workspace experience.

Life is a journey!

The offices will become more of social hubs that need to accommodate people who are coming to work to collaborate and make waves as well as those who need a quiet, focus space to get their job done. We look closely at various aspect of people’s interactions with the spaces.

Hybrid Workspace Office Essentials

Shared Desk

As the majority of the workforce is not going to return to the office and when they are in they won’t be at their desk all the time, there will be a shift from ‘my space’ to ‘shared space’ including desks. This requires careful planning underpinned by predictive data analytics. We help organisations to define their new occupancy strategies and to implement booking and visibility tools for enabling efficient use of the space through an accurate ratio of the desk spaces to collaborative areas.

This requires standardised desk settings and the capability to check-in, check-out and release booked resources. It can be done in many ways and we work closely with our clients to help them implement a solution that will work the best for their people.

Meeting Room 

Gettig right the ratio of the meeting rooms as well and their sizes is a challenge for many organisations, now another aspect to consider is hybrid working and how it affects videoconferencing. With our partners, we design end to end solution composed of screens, speakers microphones being practically invisible included in interior design. On top of the physical and digital workspace, we ensure that people know how to use (training, user guides, training videos) as well as what is the desired way i.e. the etiquette.

Collaboration Area 

Now more and than ever people will desire to collaborate not only with the colleagues in the office but also those who are working from home. Therefore office spaces where they can gather for brainstorming will be equally important as virtual spaces such as digital whiteboards on which anyone can contribute regardless of their physical location.

Focus Areas 

Not everyone can work from home and not every work can be done from an open space area. For those who come to the office seeking peace and quiet space, we advise our clients to create focus spots some of the technology free and others with a standard desk set up.

Break Out Areas

And last but not least the vibrant, buzzing spaces for social interaction, ideas brainstorming and friendly catch-ups.

Holistica helps organisations to make their office spaces truly intelligent, considering people’s needs, required physical and digital workspaces and desired behaviours. 

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