Your employees’ collaboration experience needs to be designed and implemented; it will not happen by chance!

Lighthouse showing direction. Change of the traditional office into a smart office. Change must be designed.

Few companies understand the importance of the collaborative experience and its impacts on higher productivity, demand is high, demographics, new technologies and changing social norms transform the way people work. Supply is instead scarce as technologists focus on the technologies rather than the experience. At Holistica we have a dedicated service to ensure the collaboration experience is fit for purpose and drives the technologies.

Amazon understands it, Google understands it, Apple understands it, booking understands it, easyJet understands it, Spotify understands it too, but neither the IT internal departments nor 99.9% of technologists understand the importance of the end-user experience & productivity.

The challenge starts with the workforce which can often span five generations in an organisation, all of which have different demands on workspace technologies expecting workplace technologies to mirror with ease and familiarity technology they use as consumers. See below.

There is a huge demand for organisations to pay attention to workplace technologies, in attracting new staff, or what is phrased “the war on talent”, prospective employees differentiate through working conditions & workplace technologies. Whilst retention of current employees is dependent upon the organisation to innovate, change & adapt to working conditions & workplace technologies used by the most successful companies.

In terms of supply, workspace technology products are more & more niche & require integration, for example, unified communications, audiovisual, Outlook, visitor management, space booking.

In terms of the supply, the competences to install, implement & support in the IT departments are moving in exactly the same way, compound this with the fact that most devices are IP and there’s a complex technical implementation and integration exercise which will lose focus on the collaboration experience.

Our approach is different, we start first with the collaboration experience through defining the types of users and use cases, this produces a specific set of experiences, we would then map the technologies and data to the experiences.

The collaboration experience is centred around channels (i.e. Mobile App’s Microsoft plugins, Digital panels, Signage, voice-activated tools, etc) to support the needs of all the workforce, not just for the digital natives.

Holistica is an industry expert on space management, the IT advisory is experienced at benchmarking the current user experiences, setting future ambitions & redesigning the highest possible collaborative experience for in-office & remote working to maximise workforce productivity

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