New World – New Data Context. How the pandemic changed your workforce?

We believe that a survey among employees is just a piece of the puzzle. Whilst this is useful information it lacks the insight into how people want to interact with the office in future. It is why it is important to understand not only how many days a week people plan to work in the office but most critically it is to understand their new habits and the spaces they favour and will gravitate towards when in the office.

Pandemic changed all of us in different ways.

There is no denying it the COVID-19 pandemic has been a disruptive force when it comes to office occupation. After a year of working predominantly at home the workforce now looks at the office in a different way to how they did previously. The great swaths of desks are unlikely to be used again in the same volume as before as the workforce wants other spaces but here is the conundrum; what are those spaces and why do people want them. By having a people-centric approach and understanding the types of work personas in the workforce, we can define the spaces people want and for why. Work personas are composed of personalities traits, working styles and technology preferences. For Real Estate professionals there is the issue of capturing these changes in the workstyle. Holistica’s team of workspace transformation experts perfected a tool, “Holistic Workspace Insights” which is designed to allow the organisation insight into the workforce in terms of the personas at play, their representation overall and the spaces these personas are drawn to. Combining this with the organisations homeworking plan this gives powerful insights into the suitability of the existing office space and can provide a pathway to addressing shortcomings.

Home working is here to stay. So, is office.

Many organisations are expecting or have adopted hybrid working but have not yet committed to making changes that will be needed to the existing space, which was not designed or built to support this new workstyle. Over recent months many organisations have run surveys with the employees focusing on the future of work and how many days per week people expect to be in the office. This information is incredibly helpful for the decision-makers to understand the sentiments of the workforce, but this is not the whole story. We at Holistica have developed an application designed specifically to highlight these personas and their favoured work settings. “Holistic Workspace Insights” is the tool you have been waiting for!

People are the future of the organisations.

For a few years, we have heard the term “war on talent” being used and the cry of “work-life balance”. This war for most talented young people who will eventually shape the future of those industries has become more ferocious, with other incentives being leveraged, rather than just the traditional renumeration packages, as employers realise people are looking for rewarding careers not just financial reward.

Organisations have increasingly come to realise these are not only issues for Human Resources department to manage but rather need an organisational wide response. Whilst some organisations have introduced an element of home working, as a step towards offering work-life balance, this has been done reluctantly in cases and rarely was seen as a positive aid to productivity.

The Pandemic has shown organisations that working from home does work and has a place going forward. It like working in the office has strengths and weaknesses and can be used to answer the cry for work life balance but must be leveraged carefully, with the appropriate rules, boundaries, protocols and etiquettes being set.

The office which has always been the community heart of organisations will find itself under some stress to change as people will be it using differently to previously , when it was the centre of operations. It will become more of a hub for collaboration with people remotely acting as spokes, when they are working on more concentration tasks. This pushes demand for different spaces for different activities able to function efficiently even when not everyone is physically present.

Increasingly it becomes important for organisations to understand the personas of their employees and talent. This is an approach where the personalities of employees are meshed with the spaces these people enjoy working and thriving in.

Holistica using their extensive knowledge of workspaces and people have developed a tool specifically aimed at aiding and informing organisations. “Holistic Workspace Insights” can be used across employees to gain powerful insights into their office preferences. The reports generated will show the strengths and weaknesses of the current office and show areas for attention.    

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