Connecting people to workspaces.

about us

Who we are

Holistica as an independent workplace transformation consultancy specialising in corporate real estate, smart buildings and change management. With over 60 years experience delivering mission critical workspace projects.

What we do for our clients

Deliver a “state of the art” connected workspace experience.

Create benefits from flexible working for people and corporations alike.

Deliver and sustain change across the workplace by utilising data.

Present technology environments that inspire and stimulate.


Unlock real estate capital for workspace transformation and long term savings.  

Sustain relationships with clients, technology partners and professional practices.


Data driven transfomation

We deliver data driven transformation to offer project management, design, independent procurement and delivery of a truly connected workspace transformation.


We work with our clients to understand their current workspace maturity position and develop their ambitions.

Through our experiences in workspace transformation and the toolsets developed, Holistica is in the unique position to rapidly benchmark workspace maturity, our consultants are able to formulate a target position, working with occupancy metrics, contractual trigger points, collaboration assessments, financial data, peer projects and market trends we can bring together a business case for client specific transformation project encapsulating IT, real estate, HR and supporting change management.

Framing workspace maturity into FIXED, SEMI-FIXED and FLEXIBLE offerings, Holistica has an extensive benchmark that looks at IT, real estate, HR & and change characteristics in order to build a feasible project and sustainable change. 

Below is an example, where does your organisation fit?

our holistic methodology