Connecting people to workspaces.

Our transformation team

We create two-way dialogue and capture requirements, to tailor the experience and meet the audience’s needs. Our practitioners have active knowledge and experience in international companies and corporations and can challenge preconceptions. Allowing clients, the potential to be more innovative with visioning.

Warren Beney

Transformation Director

An innovative change leader with a history of leading major transformation programmes covering technology, workplace, and occupation. Instrumental in creating the occupational strategy with technology and data analytics at its core.

Andrew Sharp

IT Programme Director 

Experienced in the successful delivery of mission critical projects, programmes of work and implementing change in both private and public sectors . Specialised in financial services, large-scale city development and process sectors.

Veronica Skiba

UX Director 

Graduate of MBA Studies, holds master’s degrees in Finance Management and Professional Communication. Responsible for the human aspects of the solutions such as experience design, service design and change management.

Sebastian Chapman

IT Project Manager

With over 20 years’ experiences in the delivery of global and complex IT programmes. 

An extremely competent IT architect with a sectoral focus in financial services and legal sectors.

data-driven transformation

Data enables a better understanding of the internal processes and improves decision making. However, as the world changed dramatically the ones who are able to quickly harvest and analyse data on the fly will be the real winners. Historical repositories are outdated. Holistica’s data-driven transformation composed of management, designs and independent procurement, delivers a truly connected workspace.


In everything we do, we put people first; our clients and their employees. We positively bridge the gap in the smart building consultancy and workplace transformation market. Traditional consultancies are heavily focused on product brands and technologies, however Holistica’s rationale is simple, the solution must be people-centric, and transformation should be data-driven.

Deliver a “state of the art” connected workspace experience.

Create benefits from hybrid working for people and corporations alike.

Deliver and sustain change across the workplace by utilising data.

Present technology environments that inspire and stimulate.


Unlock real estate capital for workspace transformation and long term savings.  

Sustain relationships with clients, technology partners and professional practices.



We work with our clients to understand their current workspace maturity position and develop their ambitions.

Through our experiences in workspace transformation and the toolsets developed, Holistica is in the unique position to rapidly benchmark workspace maturity, our consultants are able to formulate a target position, working with occupancy metrics, contractual trigger points, collaboration assessments, financial data, peer projects and market trends we can bring together a business case for client specific transformation project encapsulating IT, real estate, HR and supporting change management.

Framing workspace maturity into FIXED, SEMI-FIXED and FLEXIBLE offerings, Holistica has an extensive benchmark that looks at IT, real estate, HR & and change characteristics in order to build a feasible project and sustainable change. 

Below is an example, where does your organisation fit?

our holistic methodology