What we hear from companies worldwide is that this pandemic has accelerated the adoption of technology and transformed how people want to work…and there’s no going back. What we also hear (a lot) is that people need answers and they want to work with experienced and proven practitioners, not legacy consultancies who only understand the theory.

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We help our clients to shift from crisis-driven remote working to sustainable hybrid working. We gain insight into the needs of your people, including their post-pandemic needs. We design and deliver a balance between traditional and new spaces for better productivity, well-being and cost-saving. We recommend only technologies you need to achieve a truly hybrid workspace.

Holistic workspace insights

The starting point for creating your own intelligent workspace is our Insights Tool – the video below shows how we start the process by gaining insights into your needs as a business and also the way your people behave and work.  Start your journey with us today and contact us to take the next step towards a workplace that meets your post-pandemic needs.

Holistica’s Workspace Insights tool digs deeper into the elements that matter most to you and your colleagues to deliver a comprehensive view of the key elements that will make up your hybrid working environment, including:


What has become clear during the pandemic is that workers want to work in a variety of ways and places – retaining and attracting talent requires a change.

Space Efficiency

Hybrid working means that offices need to adapt to the changing working practices of the people that use them – hybrid is here to stay – is your environment ready?


The myriad of aspects here is daunting for many companies – how do they create a working environment that adapts to the pandemic and the touchpoints in an office and how can products, people and process change to make well-being a priority?

Additionally, how can we analyse all of the real-time data that each of these aspects produce to continuously learn, adapt and improve?  Our Workspace Insights tool captures the sentiment of the staff who work for you – let’s come together to use that valuable information to create the workspace they want, for their current and their future workspace needs.

How does it work?

Our tool scores the workforce based on six drivers that allow us to define their work persona considering their levels of:

Mobility – in-office, between various spaces and when working away i.e. from home

Innovation – to assess the readiness to change and new solutions

Focus – some people need silence to do their work others are thriving in bustling environments

Interaction – face to face as well via various communicators.

Social Drive – nurturing relationships is more important for one than others.

Privacy Needs – driven by their work responsibilities

work personas

If we were all the same it would be boring. Understanding peoples needs enables creating spaces for better productivity, collaboration and well-being.

This is just a high-level description of work personas, the final report contains an exhaustive description of six components of the score different for each type. It drives not only the design of the workspace but also the process of implementing the change by leveraging capabilities of more influential groups.


Has high standards and comes to the office to accelerate achieving their goals. The workspace needs to support productivity. Happy to incorporated new solutions.


Has a high level of various communication and getting things done needs. Their proactive nature drives collaborative spaces and technologies.


Want to feel a sense of purpose in their work,  caretakers are helping other people in some shape or form. They come to the office to socialise and contribute to the organisations culture.


Enthusiastic, creative and sociable individuals who spread positive energy. Campaigners love brainstorming sessions and new ideas. Egar to adopt new technologies.


Seeks structure, clearly defined rules, and respect for authority. Responsibility is their second name, first to report any equipment of space faults. Rather resistant to the change.


Often serves as a stabilising force among others, able to offer solid direction amid adversity.  Influencers are people-focused and enjoy taking part in their social community. 


Adventurers love experiments, innovative tools and exploring something new. Seek as much wiggle room as possible to do things their own way. They like change but not the rules that come with it.


Spontaneous, energetic and very perceptive.  They desire to make the work environment as friendly and enjoyable as possible. They perform the best in a dynamic, hectic work environment.

digital transformation

Holistic Workspace Insight gathers all peoples needs and identifies opportunities to boost productivity, collaboration and well-being. Data analytics capability within the tool enables gap analysis between current and future spaces as well as powers insights to technologies enabling hybrid workspace.


Holistic Workspace Insights tool allows assessing peoples needs and post-pandemic plan, providing the decision-makers with accurate ratios of types of work personas ensuring that the future workspace meets future needs of their workforce.

It gives insight at the individual, team and organisational level.


physical spaces

Our algorithms carefully analyse current spaces as well as identify gaps in the office layout considering:

  • areas with desks,
  • meeting rooms,
  • focus areas,
  • social hubs,
  • collaboration areas,
  • client suits.

Then Holistic turned into three section  Workspace Insights Report.

intelligent workspaces

Workforce – a holistic view of the people driven by their role, personality and aspirations.

Workspace – space where work happens in the office, at home and on the go. All underpinned by data analytics, enabled by new technologies and driven by the user experience.

Well-being – considering aspects from environmental sensors up to work fulfilment.

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Holistica’s Insights tool gives you a comprehensive view of your workforce and workspace by identifying fields for improvement, opportunities to build advantages and insights for better productivity, collaboration and well-being.




*the prices are calculated for organisations up to 500 people. Additional £2.5K/500 people.


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