What is your company's real estate cost-saving and staff productivity potential?

Our digital workspace transformation brought £6M p.a. saving in real estate cost to a bank in the capital with 3,000 staff.

Make our benchmark part of your going back to work planning and unlock your cost-saving potential.

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Discover where you are on the Flexi Journey.

Our benchmarking tool is unique, it establishes exactly where you are on the flexi working journey;  allows you to set ambitions and understand the economic benefits from your workspace transformation.  

As we plan the return to work, it’s important to question what real estate is now needed, how much and  if what we do with the overcapacity? 

Our benchmark defines your organisation as either fixed, where you are starting the journey and can maximise your benefits, semi-flexible where you have hopefully made some hard and significant returns and flexi where you have an adaptive organisation.


8 dimenSions of the assesement

The purpose of the benchmarking exercise is to leverage Holistica’s team knowledge in workspace transformation for the clients and to quickly establish where they stand on the remote working journey in terms of current maturity and where their ambitions lie in terms of staff mobility, real estate footprint, supporting technology services and their capabilities to sustain the change. Given the recent pandemic, this structured approach allows companies to assess if they can leverage remote working to make huge financial savings on their real estate and facilities expenses as well to learn if the remote working experience can be enhanced to improve staff productivity. 

The exercise generates a single deliverable, a report which is presented back to the management upon completion of the study.

1. Real Estate Benchmark Exercise

Metrics from Real Estate & Technology [24-indicators] – Looking at occupancy rates, Costs per staff, Cost per square metre, compression ratios, benefits from remote working,

2. Technology

Technology Services & Collaboration Experience [28-indicators] – looking at office space, collaboration spaces, meeting rooms, quality of service & interaction, management systems.

3. Real Estate and Facilities

Real Estate & Facilities Services Management and Experience [22-indicators] – looking at space occupancy, experience, contractual opportunities, services provided, basic metrics, measurement systems

4. HR & Change Management

HR and Change Management [22-indicators] – looking at the change management capabilities, competences & recent organization changes and how they were managed.

5. Finance

Financial management – providing annualized financial data spend for technology, real estate and facilities will be used in conjunction with performance metrics.

6. Remote working

Remote Project Outcomes & Collaboration [13-indicators] – to benchmark the financial and operational benefits achieved from the previous initiatives.

7. Remote Working Ambitions

Remote Working Ambitions [100-indicators] – to develop an ambition and qualify what the economic benefits and investments are involved based upon previous completed projects.

8. Final Playback

Final Playback – To discuss the findings, future ambitions & benefits achievable from increasing remote working through a PowerPoint Summary.

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